Kyo sakura is located at the Higashiyama area, the most “Kyoto-like” area in Kyoto.
Famous temples like (kiyomizu,Yasaka etc.) or historical shopping areas are all within walking distance.

[KYO SAKURA] has considered as elegant Kyoto townhouse that invited a lot of tourist to take photo.
Room in first floor is prepared with elegancy of typical Kyoto style.
Different from other kimono salon, when you go to second and third floor, you will be feel brought back to Taisho era, where you can feel the japanese way of traditional west style.
Of course, you can take photo here as much as you like!

[kimono rental] usually considered only as choosing some kimono , but our store prepared some space to have a chit-chat in while waiting for your turn.
You can also take some picture here, to record not only your time for Kyoto sightseeing, but also the time you spend here.

We provide a variety of kimonos with classic gorgeous pattern, modern unique pattern, and mixed patterns.
We are sure that you will find your perfect match.

We believe that men have the same right to dress up in nice kimono as women.
Therefore, a great number of stylish or traditional Men’s kimono will be provided for selection as well.