• Is the reservation completed when I sent email?
  • No Yet. The request will be officially accepted after you receive our reply in email. If you cannot get our reply within XXX days, please contact us by email again or telephone.
  • Could I cancel my reservation?
  • Yes. Please contact us at least one day before your reservation, or a cancel penalty will be charged.
  • Do I really have nothing to prepare by myself?
  • Just bring yourself. We have undershirts, tabi socks, zori sandals and bags, all the necessary things are prepared for you.
  • How long does it take to get dressed?
  • Depends on the situation of that day. It usually takes around 30 minutes for kimono wearing and hairstyle setting respectively.
  • How could I choose my kimono?
  • You can choose kimono you like from 20 pieces of kimono for kimono experience plan and about 60 pieces for celebrity plan.
    We provide about 40 pieces of high class kimono for sweet celebrity plan.
    Our staff will help you choose the kimono that match with your style, so don’t hesitate to ask!
  • Could I choose the obi belt by myself?
  • Sweet celebrity plan and special luxury plan allows you to pick your favorite obi belt.
  • Could I have a hair styling as well?
  • All plan except kimono experience includes hairdo service.
    With plus ¥500, you can make your own hairdo by using our tools.
  • Could I bring my hair accessories?
  • Sure. All hair styling are included one hair accessory.
  • When should I return kimono?
  • Please return at 7pm (8pm for july-september).Please come back to Kyo Sakura at 7pm (8pm in july-september).
    If you can’t make it, please contact our staff as soon as possible.


    *if you late, you will get 1000Yen charge for each hour
    *you can return the next day until 4pm or get our staff to pick up by pay 1000Yen per person
    *if you plan to return the next day, you have to deposit 10000Yen. You can get your \10000 back when you return.
  • Is it possible if I want to rental a kimono when I pregnant?
  • Our store doesn’t provide kimono for a person in maternity stage.