You can reserve by email or telephone.
The request will be officially accepted after you receive our reply in email.
We recommend you to book in advance to save your money.

*Reserve from here!*

Please show us your passport and sign the documents when you come to the salon.
After that, you choose a plan and select your kimono.

Next step is dressing your kimono and hair styling At 2nd floor of Kyo Sakura, you can wait your turn for kimono dressing and hairdo while enjoying our luxurious space.

Kimono is traditional Japanese Clothing that requires special technique in wearing.
※it usually takes around 30 minute to wear the kimono (Depending on the situation of that day)

*hair styling*
Two hair styling plan are available. The self hair styling plan with you doing your own hair or the stylist’s hair styling plan which gives you a choice of 10 hair styles.
※it usually takes around 15~30 minute to make hair styling (Depends on the situation of that day)

By choosing photography in option menu, you can record your kimono experience in our luxurious space in a photo. We Will send the data to you too.

Start enjoying in Kyoto! Famous temples like kiyomizu and historical shopping areas are all within walking distance. Please feel free to ask us for advice if you have no idea where to go. We have some recommended place and can give you a map of Kyoto as well. ※You can also keep your valuable items at our salon

Please come back to Kyo Sakura at 7pm (8pm in july-september). If you can’t make it, please contact our staff as soon as possible.


*if you late, you will get \ 1000 charge for each hour
*you can return the next day until 4pm or get our staff to pick up by pay \ 1000 per person
*if you plan to return the next day, you have to deposit \ 10000. You can get your \ 10000 back when you return.